•  Teacher: Mr. Sides

     Email:  Mark.Sides@dvusd.org

    Textbook-  We will be using  Discovery Education online Techbook (available at home via the DVUSD Portal)

                    We will also be using Canvas, an online instructional program that is in use at the High School

    Areas of Study- 

    1. History and Evolution of Scientific methods.
      1. Utilizing Scientific observation and questioning, develop a hypothesis that can be tested.
      2. Scientific testing procedures and measurements to prove or disprove a hypothesis.
      3. Preparation of data to present the hypothesis, testing and data leading to a conclusion for a hypothesis.
    2. Science and technology in society.
      1. Cause and effect of new scientific discoveries
      2. Cause and effect of technology on our environment
    3. Cells and Organisms
      1. How and why cells divide and reproduce
      2. What is heredity and why is it important in reproduction
      3. What is mutation and adaptation, and why is it important in reproduction
    4. Properties and Changes in Matter
      1. Identify different states of matter
      2. Identify different properties of matter
      3. Mixing and transforming matter
    5. Physics
      1. Discover, Hypothesize and test Newtons Laws of Motion