•  Welcome to Online Learning!
    Welcome to our new versions of online learning!  We will be using  Discovery Education online Techbook (available at home by logging in to the site by logging in to the DVUSD Portal first then selecting Discovery Education).  We will also be using Canvas, an online instructional program that is in use at the High School, so great practice for next year!

    We are always updating and addressing ways to positively enhance this experience for both the students and the parents, so please send me an email, text or call if you have any thoughts or improvements!

    How to Communicate: 

    First lets talk about Communication.  The most important part of the online learning is that we have to communicate with each other as much as possible so that you do not feel lost, and so that we can have open discussions where you can voice thoughts and opinions based upon your research and learning.  The first weeks classes will just be the basics on how to attend Zoom Classes and an Introduction to Canvas, and you will need to show your parents how you review assignments due and how to access info there.  If you or your parents have ANY questions please use one of the following methods to contact me,  I will be monitoring all of the methods, so feel free to use the method you are most comfortable with: 

    1.  Email:  My email address is Mark.Sides@DVUSD.org 

    2.  Text/Phone: 747-225-1072

    2.  Canvas Messaging:  On the left side of your screen on Canvas there is an INbox.  If I am online it will ding and let me know that you have a question or issue.

    3.  Discussions:  As we will do in the beginning of the year with our "Kangaroo" assignment, you will be entering discussions next week about what you research and how you interpret those facts that you find.  Post your thoughts/response and then the program will allow you to view others responses.  Then you will need to reply to two (2) other peoples responses.

    4.  Open Zoom meetings/ Tutoring/ Office Hours : Monday through Thursday I will be online in virtual meeting room from 1400-1500.  The link is  (https://zoom.us/j/4745552192?pwd=cW9najhMNUljNVNtNjZDZzZQS3lmZz09)  password coyotes.   Feel free to stop in and say "hi" or ask questions.  There will also be scheduled Zoom class lectures as we go using this same link, so watch on the calendar page  and on Canvas for dates and times for these live events.

    1. You must log in with your school email to Zoom during class times!  We will not be allowing anyone into a virtual chat/class unless we know who you are!
    2. For Office Hours you and parents can log in to the Zoom with other emails, as for privacy and security we will only be allowing one person at a time into the room.  I may be with another student or parent in individual private meeting so please be patient in the waiting room!

    Stay safe online, and remember that all of the online material is recorded so make sure that you are only posting and messaging school appropriate material and content!

    Can't wait to see all of you again!