• We've come to a very strange part of the year.  I now am inducting all parents to be the instructional assistants.  I'm sorry to say that it is not a very high paying job.  It's more of an honorary title.

    Now that home learning has begun, I will be keeping you updated on anything new that comes along.  

    I'm sure that you have received some emails about how the "school day" will go.  I will add a link at the bottom of this message as to how you MAY want to structure the day for your student.  Assignments will be posted to their Google Classroom account that they can complete.  Some times there will be videos. Some times there will be links.  My goal is to also include some assignments where the kids can collaborate using Google Docs and Slides.  We'll see how this will work as time moves along.

    We will have meetings daily from 11 - 11:30 and 3 - 3:30.  The students can access these meetings by going to any of the Google Classroom subjects and locating the Zoom Meeting Link.

    At the bottom of this page, there is a link to our Google Site, which looks a little bit fancier.  Feel free to look there for all of the information in more color.

    Since we can't be together in person at this time, I am glad that we can at least interact a little bit.  If you run into any problems, feel free to email me or reach me through ClassDojo.

    Take care!  Stay safe!

    Philip Nichols

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    If you meet with a Mrs. Dini, click here to go to her website. 

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