• Schedule

    8:00 Morning Meeting/Attendance (Zoom)

    8:20 Math Whole Group (Zoom)

    9:20 Break

    9:45 Reading Whole Group (Zoom)

    10:05 Reading Small Groups (Zoom with certain individuals)

    11:15 Lunch

    12:15 RTI (Small Group Intervention/Enrichment)

    12:45 Science (Independent)

    1:30 Social Studies (Independent)

    2:15 Specials

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  • Welcome to our first ever, beginning of the year at home!  Things are a little bit different, obviously, because we've never had to start the year on the computer.

    Things will move very much like a normal school day, even though we aren't in the building together.  We won't have to be on the Zoom calls every moment of the day, and part of the intention is that we will spend some time together on the computer and some time not together.  This way your child doesn't have to feel chained to the computer.  There will be some activities that may ask them to build something or draw.  During these times, it is ok to not even acknowledge the computer.  I will let them know when to return to the computer so that we can move on. 

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