• About

    Band and choir at Desert Sky MS is under the direction of Mr. Ryan Salcido. Percussion ensemble is under the direction of Evan Dixon. The program features a concert choir, percussion ensemble, and two levels of concert band.

    Our Mission

    The Desert Sky Middle School Music Program strives to impact our peers and community through high levels of music performance and academic achievement. It is our goal to share not only music, but also the friendship and creativity that comes along with making music.

    Educational Goals

    Students Will Be Able To:

    • Perform music at levels of their respective grade
    • Understand concepts of/and perform on their instrument with outstanding quality
    • Read and understand basic music theory
    • Make the real-world connection between music and other subject areas
    • Develop relationships between other musicians through performance


  • Mr. Salcido Schedule

    1st Hour - Symphonic Brass (DVHS)

    2nd Hour - Top 20 Leadership (DSMS)

    3rd Hour - Concert Choir (DSMS)

    4th Hour - Symphonic Band (DSMS)

    5th Hour - Concert Band (DSMS)

    6th Hour - Prep (DSMS) 



  • Mr. Dixon Schedule

    1st Hour - Prep (DVHS)

    2nd Hour - Symphonic Woodwinds (DVHS)

    3rd Hour - Wind Ensemble (DVHS)

    4th Hour - Orchestra (DVHS)

    5th Hour - Percussion (DVHS)

    6th Hour - Percussion (DSMS)