• Hello, and welcome to 5th Grade ELA and Social Studies. Your child will be emersing themselves into a game designed classroom, through our own created Competition based Secret agency. Each day your student will be challenged to recall information from prior years, produce work that demonstrates understanding of the objectives that are new, and apply those objectives to various projects we will be doing within our class. 

    Let's talk about what a day in ELA/Social Studies will look like:

    • As a class we will then participate in what is called "Sneak Attacks". The students engage in what we are doing and also to have a little fun while also practicing being personable with the people around us. 
    • complete Bellwork
    • As the lesson starts I will have them answer a few questions to get us going to see where each of them are at in understanding the lesson. I will do this with either a quick think-pair-share method or a method I use called Teams. 
    • Within the lesson there will be multiple checks for understanding to make sure my students have gotten the concept.
    • As the lesson ends, we will start our small groups, one small group will be working on the Mission assigned to them on this set of lessons and the other will be engaging with me to do some extra work making sure the concept of the day is solid and understood by all my students. 

    And that's it. A normal day in Mr. Miller's English and social studies class class. Of course there are a lot more things we will do, but I will have to leave that up to you to find out from them.

    Our curriculum this year is Reading Street and McGraw Hill Social Studies interactive text books

    I welcome any questions to my Email: Ian.miller@dvusd.org and will reply with in 24hrs. Thank you for taking the time to view my page have a good day!