Be Present, Be Prepared, and Be Polite

    These are the policies I live by. We will review them constantly as the three P’s. They are not the only ones that I expect to follow these; I, myself will be following these as well to show students that they matter.


    For Myself:

    • Emails: Answered within 24-48 business hours. If for some reason I miss your e-mail and it's been more than 48 business hours please send me a follow up.
    • Availability: Appointments can be made with me before or after school to work out a mutually agreeable time. 

    For Students

    • Participation: Willing to participate and learn.
    • Positive Mindset: Have a positive mindset going into the day and know that I am here for you and to see you succeed.
    • No Excuses: I am a teacher that respects people and their time and will give extensions to people who need them for specific reasons, but I will go by my late policy otherwise.