Coach Ternes


    New Classroom Codes:

    K-2nd Grade: pk7eohv

    3rd + 4th Grade: wgfqb4w

    5th + 6th Grade: nyktfdn


     Office Hours 9:30-10:00 and 2:30-3:00   Zoom: zoom.us/j/8764565857 PW: Check Google Classroom



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    Speed Stack Lessons








    There are 3 different developmental levels of instruction within the program:

              Level I – grades k-2

              Level II-  grades 3-4    

              Level III- grade 5-6

    Within each class there are 4 distinct parts:

    Introductory Activity:

    (2-3 min) This time prepares the body and mind for activity and ensures instant movement upon entering P.E.

    Fitness Development:

    (6-8 min) This portion of the lesson educates students about which exercises increase fitness levels.  Students experience motivating routines coupled with safe exercises to achieve adequate levels of personal fitness.

    Lesson Focus:

    (15-20 min) Movement and sports skills are taught & reinforced during this part of the class.  Students often work with individual equipment allowing them to progress at their own rate.

    Closing  Activity or Game:

    (5-7 min) A fun activity/game that leaves students with positive feelings regarding their experience in P.E. 

    Medical Excuses

    If a student needs to be excused from PE due to medical reasons, a note is required from a parent or doctor.  A parent's note is only vaild for up to 3 consecutive days.  After, a physician's note is required in order to excuse the student.