• Hello and welcome to third grade!


    This year is a huge year for your student! We will have weekly homework packets that go home on Mondays, they are due by the following Monday this gives them a full week, and time on the weekend if they need your help! They have 4 days of math problems and a reading passage, the passage should be read for a minute and marked, each day your child should get further.

    In reading we will be working on identify main idea and supporting this with details from text, increasing reading fluency, asking and answering text dependent questions, and comparing and contrasting main ideas in a story. Reading to your child at home and having them read to you will help in all of these skills.

    In math we will have our main focus on multiplication. This is a huge skill for your kiddos, if able please purchase flash cards to help increase their fact recall. If you aren't able to purchase some please let me know. We will also be working on measurement and telling time these are things you can work on with your kiddos at home even if you don't have an analog clock testing them to see how many minutes have gone by since you started something, or when watching tv the comercials started at 5:12 and ended at 5:16 asking how many minutes were commercials playing? These are all things that can make a huge impact on your childs success.

    If you need anything or have questions, please reach out!


    Ms. Barnes

  • As we start the new school year I feel it is important to build relationships with both you and your children, my goal is to make my classroom feel like a safe place and function as a community.

    My family: My family consist of my mom and dad, I am one of three girls my older sister is married and just had a baby boy so I am now an auntie! My little sister is my best friend and is going to school to become a teacher!

    My favorites: 

    Food: Chicken Alfredo

    Snack: Cheeze Itz

    Dessert: Anything chocolate, especially brownies.

    Drink: Dr. Pepper

    Restaraunt: Sonic, Starbucks, Dutch Bros

    Hobbie: Getting my nails done, or watching Netflix

    Color: Blue

    Sport: Softball