• Mr. Hewlett's art class

    "Action is the foundational key to all success.” Pablo Picasso


Picasso Portrait



    I have lots of information to share with you here! You can see what lessons are going on in the art room, read about my art room procedures, learn about my grading policy, find out about outside art enrichment activities for kids, and check out some art links for online art fun for kids.

    Sunrise Art Curriculum

    All art programs in the Deer Valley Unified School District, including ours at Sunrise, are committed to designing developmentally-appropriate experiences for students which foster creativity, critical thinking skills, problem solving and self-expression for life-long learning. The integrity of a curriculum depends on its diversity, integration and exploration of creative problem solving. We are able to use traditional art materials as well as current technology. 

    Art is a form of universal communication, a celebration of our uniqueness, our values and our cultural heritage. Art education at Sunrise encourages a student to expand his or her awareness of their environment. The whole child as an artist is guided to share his or her feelings and impact others while learning self discipline. We use art as a vehicle for knowing and understanding the world, and for giving others an opportunity to know and understand us. It is active experiential learning in a meaningful context. Art is an essential part of the curriculum at Sunrise.

    Feel free to stop by and take a look at the curriculum materials any time, or you can check out the Arizona State Standards for Visual Art online. You can see the 2010-2011 updated Visual arts benchmarks and outcomes online. You might also want to check out Deer Valley School District's Art Page for current news and information on all the arts in our district.