• Dear Parents and students,


    Welcome to Mandarin Specials class! I am your new teacher, Mrs. Yanyan Cui. Based out of the Confucius Institute of ASU, I am an exchange teacher from China and taught English in senior high school in my country. I graduated in Theory of Courses from Northeast Normal University with a bachelor degree. I have taught Mandarin for 6th Grade Immersion classes and RTI class at Gavilan Peak since last year.  In my class this year, Mrs. Cui will take you to travel the great country of China, and you will learn about the culture, food, clothes and many other interesting things about it.

    By learning the language, you can get a lot beyond the language itself, which means you can acquire the knowledge of the global change and development, not only broadening your horizon but opening your mind as well. Therefore, just remember to listen carefully to the teacher and speak as much as possible! You will feel more successful when you become familiar with another language, especially the most difficult language in the world!

    I hope you can engage in the Special class and enjoy our journey this school year!


    Mrs. Yanyan Cui

    Gavilan Peak School