• Student Government

  • Stugo 2021-2022

  • Student Government represents school spirit and leadership. Student government is an opportunity for students to be involved with their school including events such as: assemblies, homecoming, food drives, and spirit weeks. We attend games of every sport to support the teams. Stugo requires dedication, commitment, and lots of hard work in order to keep our school’s spirit high.

  • Student Government Members 2022-2023


    Sponsor:  Doug Evans


    Student Body

    President: Aftin Allen
    Vice President: Brogen Mathis
    Secretary: Kaylee Myers
    Treasurer: Cooper Neville
    Public Relations: Emma Rogoveanu
    Historian: Molly Bomar
    Spirit Director: Ella Smith
    Videographer: Ellie Galligan


    Senior Class

    Austin Bast
    Ben Beachy
    Ellie Morgan
    Jayden Rogers


    Junior  Class

    Diego Armenta
    Bekah Boden
    Paige Keaton
    Bella Reid


    Sophomore Class

    Jagger Cockrell
    Remi McKim
    Nate Smith
    Brenner Wright


    Freshmen Class

    Cardin Cockrell

    Charlotte Feitz

    Hudson Field

    Noah Galligan

    Ethan Girnius