• Welcome to Our Class!

    Welcome to Mrs. Morrell's 4th Grade Class!

    Hello! My name is Mrs. Morrell and I am your students home room teacher. This school year will be my second year teaching. It's going to be an amazing year filled with fun and adventures. I can't wait for the different activites we will be doing this year. In my classroom, my students are cared about, I value their ideas, thoughts, and actions. Each one have unique talents and strengths and I can't wait for them to share them with their classmates. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at my email: Kailin.morrell@dvusd.org . I want to partner with you in order to best support your student! :) 

    My Favorites:

    Food: Mexican Food

    Hobby: Spending time with my family

    Sports: Soccer & Baseball

    Animal: Elephants

    Drink: Pepsi

    Movie: Finding Nemo

    Colors: Blue & Orange

    Candy: Snickers 

    Subjects: Math & Science


    My family: Dad, Mom, Twin Brother, Sister and Nephew My husband and I