• Assignments for Algebra 3-4 are on Canvas (click here).

    Grades are available through PowerSchools.

    My class schedule:

    1. Algebra 3-4
    2. Prep
    3. College Math / Financial Math
    4. College Math / Financial Math
    5. Lunch
    6. Algebra 3-4
    7. Algebra 3-4

    If you are a student and need to contact me please send me a messge on Canvas.

    If you are a parent and need to contact me please email me at Josh.Hafer@DVUSD.org.

    I am the eSports coach at SDOHS. 2019-2020 was our launch year. If you are interested in joining eSports (casual or competative) email me and I will send you the link to our Discord. The games we play competatively currently are League of Legends, Rocket League, and Smash Bros. Hopefully more games will become available. (No FPS games allowed per district expectations).



Degrees and Certifications: