• Better Immersion Unit 13 Story A

    Teaching Outcome

    1. Students can name kitchen, living room, bedroom, backyard and bathroom.

    2. Students can say who is/isn't in which room.


    Better Immersion Unit 12 Story A&B "What to wear"

    Teaching Outcome

    1. Students can name T-shirt, shorts, pants, jacket, socks, hat and scarf.

    2. Students can tell what to wear when it's sunny/cloudy/rainy/snowy.

    3. Students can act out Story A and understanding Story B.

    3. Students can write "白white" and "生日Birthday".

    4. Students can read this writing piece: 今天是小白的生日 It is Xiao Bai's birthday today.


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    Better Immersion Unit 9 Story A&B "My Family"


    Teaching Outcome

    1. Students can name: 爸爸dad 妈妈mom 爷爷dad‘s father 奶奶dad’s mother 外公mom’s father 外婆mom’s mother 哥哥big brother 姐姐big sister 弟弟younger brother 妹妹younger sister.

    2. Students can use the sentences: 这是...This is ...; 我有...I have ...; 我没有...I don't have...

    3. Students can understand story B which introduces the ages of all the siblings.

    3. Students know to write "大big/小small" and know their meanings.


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    Better Immersion Unit 6 Story B "What do you like to do?"


    Teaching Outcome

    1. Students can ask "What you you like? 你喜欢什么?" and answer "I like ...我喜欢...";

    2. When asked "Do you like ...? 你喜欢...吗?", they can answer "I like./I don't like. 我喜欢/我不喜欢";

    3. Students know how to say "reading看书/drawing画画/singing唱歌/dancing跳舞/swimming游泳/running跑步/clean up收拾";

    4. Students understand "play blocks玩积木/play games玩游戏/do homework做作业”;

    5. Students recognize and understand characters "you 你 / I 我 / like 喜欢 / don't 不“ in the reading book;

    6. Students know to write "nine 九 / mouth 口" and know their meanings.


    A few links that help memorize.