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    Photo of Mr. Evans, Ms. Pace, Dr. Stulc, and Dr. Comer


    Dr. Stulc Photo

    Dr. Anita Stulc
    "I grew up on a large ranch in central Montana, which was homesteaded by my grandfather and has been in our family for over 100 years. During those formative years, I learned many life lessons not only from my large family, but also from nature. I learned the value of hard work and the importance of working cooperatively, supporting and respecting each other.   This is what drives my work as an educator. I have enjoyed every moment of my 30 years in education and I look forward to working in partnership with you as we strive to ensure our students are provided with a myriad of tasks, activities and opportunities to be involved in meaningful ways in our school and community."


     Dr. Eric Comer

    Dr. Eric Comer

    I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. My parents, both educators, modeled a life of public service and helped me to discover how a positive attitude, perseverance, hard work, and humility contribute to a person’s character and build a foundation for success. In high school, I had a myriad of opportunities to hone skills I still use today. I participated in choral and instrumental music, debate, tennis, and baseball. I am grateful for those experiences and still hold many of my  teachers in the highest regard. After a few years teaching science, I chose to pursue a Masters in Educational Psychology to learn how people learn. This experience taught me that anyone, no matter their background, experiences, or ability level can learn. This core belief drives my passion for the teaching and learning process. For the past 23 years, I have served in our public schools as a teacher and administrator. I am proud to continue my journey serving the Barry Goldwater High School Community and look forward to working with each of you to establish and sustain academic excellence, innovation, and a culture of kindness. 


    Ms. Dawn Pace

    Dawn Pace

    "I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania but my family moved to Arizona when I was 10, seeking a climate without so much snow! When I reflect on what drew me to a career in education, it was my kindergarten teacher. She took the time to get to know her students and inspired us to love learning by engaging us in reading. I am a graduate of Paradise Valley High School but my heart is in DVUSD where I began my career in education 29 years ago. I am passionate about building relationships in our school community to increase connectivity and a positive school culture where all learners feel valued and supported to persevere and grow."


    Chandler Evans - Athletic Director

    "I grew up in Creston Iowa, which provided me with many fantastic athletic opportunities, and taught me some of life’s greatest lessons. In high school, my focus was sports. I was fortunate enough to earn a varsity letter in football, wrestling, golf and baseball. Being a part of these high school teams played a vital role in teaching me how to become a good teammate, which I apply in my everyday life as an administrator. I received my undergraduate degree from Arizona State University. (GO DEVILS!!!) I earned my Masters in Education from Fort Hayes State University. This year marks my 19th year as an educator and I have enjoyed every step of my journey. My goal is to serve the Goldwater Community to the best of my ability, and provide every learner on campus the opportunity to be involved in our extra-curricular activities. GO BULLDOGS!!"