• Athletic Update 12/17
    Good Morning Everyone,
    At this time I have some very important updates regarding athletics. There are a lot of updates, so please bear with me.
    1. We are officially now in the 2A Division with other K-8 schools. We will compete with Sonoran Foothills, Diamond Canyon, Gavilan Peak, Norterra Canyon, and West Wing. This division is in effect immediately, and will continue into the next year and beyond.
    2. Volleyball tryouts will be held 1/19-1/21 after school. This is when we return from virtual learning. The season will run approximately five weeks. I will post an updated schedule for games and etc. once we have it. All items must be completed in RegisterMyAthlete.com prior to tryouts (pay to play not required until on the team).
    3. At this time, cross country for 7-8 is scheduled to begin on 1/19 as well. We are in the process of securing a coach at this time, and while we are hopeful, it is still not a guarantee. We will continue to keep you updated. Again, all items must be completed in RegisterMyAthlete.com prior to the start of the season.
    4. Cheer information will come out separately as there are still some decisions being made.
    5. All athletic parent meetings will be held virtually. Information will come out to the parents of the students who make the teams.
    6. Students may have masks off while they are actively playing, but if they are on the sidelines, bench, or waiting in line they must have them on. This also includes any time they are walking to and from the MPR. With that, we are requesting that if your student is feeling sick in any way, that they do not come to practice or games. While I realize this can complicate things for the team, if a student does end up testing positive we would need to quarantine the entire team for two weeks. So it is better to be safe than sorry.
    7. For at least the time being, spectators will not be allowed at the games. We will work on securing a method for possible live streaming.
    8. With our current bus driver shortage, we will be relying on parents to bring students to and from games. Any student who makes a team will sign a release form so that this is possible. We are hopeful that this is only short term and that it does not have to extend through all sports.

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    Mission Statement

    The Stetson Hills athletic department is commited to a safe, and enjoyable experience where young people can learn life lessons through team work, dedication, and hard work while "Pursuing Victory with Honor" through the "Six Pillars of Character"


    Stetson Hills is now part of the 3A Conference which includes: Highland Lakes, Sonoran Trails, Desert Sky, Deer Valley, and Hillcrest. These are the ONLY schools we will be competing against.



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