Sandra Day O'Connor High School supports health and wellness on campus on a daily basis.  The four main wellness initiatives on campus are stress management, physical activity, movement driven learning and nutrition. These initiatives are for students, staff and community members.  


    Programs and Awards

    -Student Wellness Advocacy Team (S.W.A.T.) - Student led health and wellness initiative. 

    -Healthy Arizona Worksites Program - Gold medal award recipient.

    -Active Schools Nationally Featured High School - March 2018.

    -AdCap/GenYouth - Shark Tank Wellness award winner.


    Sandra Day O'Connor High School believes in a whole child approach to education, with wellness being a significant factor for academic success. In support of a healthy and active campus, SDOHS features a student wellness advocacy team (SWAT). SWAT is a student led organization, which promotes physical, nutritional and mental wellness across the campus and community, so that high school is an experience for students to remember, be academically successful and sustain a healthy mindset for life. SDOHS Eagle Hour serves as the groundwork for students to have extra time during the school day to work on academic challenges or healthy and active activities.


    Students and Staff are able to download the SWAT EAGLE Hour Calendar.    

    1. Open Safari on your computer or IPad and go to Google Calendar (you must use this method prior to viewing the calendar from the app on your phone or IPad).

    2. Log in under your DVUSD email address

    3. Go to the box that says "add a co-workers calendar" on the left of the screen

    4. Type in shane.hesse@dvusd.org and press enter (this will display as OC Wellness)

    5. You can now download the Google Calendar app to your IPad or Iphone and view the SWAT Eagle Hour activity calender from any device.