What is the gifted cohort?

  • The gifted cohort consists of highly qualified, gifted endorsed teachers who work together to provide unique gifted programming to enrolled students. Gifted courses are enhanced with problem-based, project-based, and cross curricular learning opportunities focusing on the gifted learner and allowing for a more enriching experience. Cohort classes consist of only students accepted into the program. 

    • Freshman year cohort courses:  ELA 1-2, Biology Honors
    • Sophomore year cohort courses:  ELA 3-4, AP World History  

    In upper level courses, a gifted cluster model is used with students assigned a teacher that is also highly qualified and gifted endorsed.  Students are encouraged to pursue their passion at O'Connor while being provided with social and emotional supports built in to the school day.  We offer a variety of Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses in science, math, social sciences, foreign language, art and Career and Technical Education (CTE).  

    **Students in the Gifted Cohort at O'Connor are eligible for the Activity Bus 



    • "I like that we are challenged with different skills and different types of assignments. It is nice to be able to do something creative within our classes and think about things differently. I also like that we are able to be in a class with other students who think the same as us." ~ K.S


    • "I like the people in the gifted program and how everyone knows everyone else. The environment feels very comfortable and fun, especially when it comes to presentations and speaking in front of the class because it has a comfortable feel to it." ~C.K.


    • "It challenges my abilities and pushes me to my limits, while allowing me to be in a fun and engaging environment" ~K.C.