• Daily Schedule 

    8:45-9:20  Push in 5th grade ELA (Mancinni, Room 305)

    9:20-9:55 Small group 5th grade Learning Center Room 322

    9:55-10:20 Push in 7th grade ELA (McPherson, Room 343)

    10:20-10:50 Small group 7th grade ELA Learning Center Room 322

    10:50-12:20 Prep/Lunch (Room 322)

    12:20-12:40-Push in 8th grade ELA, (Littrell, Room 342)

    12:40-1:05-Small group 8th grade ELA

    1:05-2:00 Push in 7th/8th grade Science (alternate every other day)

    2:00-2:45 Read 180 Learning Center Room 322

    2:45-3:00-Push in 6th grade ELA (Leiter, Room 308)

    3:00-3:30 Small group 6th grade ELA Learning Center Room 322

    *Note push-in and small group session times may vary based on what is being taught in the class room (I could be in General Education a whole class period then pull out a whole class period if it is best for students).