•  New Online Learning: Please log into canvas and go to the start here module for all course information and resources. (Begining April 6th)


    8th Grade Online Learning Schedule (links to zoom for teacher office hours and optional schedule for how to spend your time in home learning)



    Hoit Zoom Link


    Welcome to 8th grade math!


    Illustrative Mathematics Lessons

    Use the above link to access student's units, lessons, practice problems and more.



    Lesson Plans

    Link to 8th grade math calendar with infomation on lessons, assignment dates, test dates, and more.


    Video Lesson and Homework Support  

    Use this link to access videos that walk through each lesson and practice problem set.


    Family Illustrative Math Support

    Families, please use the above link for information about current studies and tips on how to help your student.


    Khan Academy

    Use the Khan Academy link for videos, practice questions, quizzes, and other support directly linked to our Illustrative Mathematics curriculum.