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    This club is open to all students in 4-8th grade who are interested in learning about and competing in Rubik's cube competitions. The club will start in October and run through mid April or after the last competition. The students will meet once a week and have up to 2 competitions that are held outside of school. Students will need to provide their own transportation to and from the competitions.  

    Only 8 students can be on a competing team(plua 2 alternates that can still compete in the individual timed portion), these students will be determined based on their timed speed 2 weeks before the competition. Students that want to learn and not compete are welcome to also be a part of the club without competing until they are ready.

    Students will be taught how to solve a cube and have an official Rubik's cube to use in practice and can checkout a cube if they do not have one at home.  The expectation is that students will practice daily at home in order to increase their speed.

    There is a fee of $50.00 in order to be a part of the club that runs from October- April. This fee includes approximately 20 classes, up to 2 competitions, and an end of season party.

    If you are interested in the club please fill out this form


    Jennifer Dillon Jennifer.dillon@dvusd.org

    Rubik's Cube coach

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