• Bellair Elementary

    Operating Principles


    • Through a focus on teamwork we foster a clear sense of purpose that is shared by all staff, parents and students.

    • We encourage the involvement of volunteers and the community.

    • We support and nurture a culture of shared leadership and collegiality.


    We Prioritize Student Success

    • We model the belief that all children are capable and work to build upon their individual strengths.

    • We motivate and challenge all students to succeed.

    • We create an environment where students are empowered, have ownership and a voice.


    A Strong Instructional Program

    • All staff share responsibility for student outcomes.

    • Curriculum is tied to standards and is delivered in both traditional and innovative ways to motivate and accommodate the individual needs and interest of our students.

    • Bellair students will excel and be recognized for their achievements.


    We Are Learners

    • Staff and students are engaged and excited about learning.

    • We respect and support each other’s passions.

    • We practice reflective thinking with a purposeful intent toward growth and improvement.


    Diversity / Individuality is Valued

    • We strive to create an inclusive environment.

    • We welcome diversity and differences and view them as strengths.

    • We respect one another as individuals and work with students, staff and families from a capacity perspective.


    A Safe and Happy School Climate

    • We create an environment that is welcoming, nurturing and safe where mind work and heart work occur concurrently.

    • Life skills are modeled, taught and reinforced throughout the school; expectations are consistent.

    • Relationships are built on good communication, trust and mutual respect among staff, students, parents and community members.

    • We value a beautiful school environment where student art and work adorns the walls and a connection with our natural environment is evident.


    We Enjoy Our Work

    • We are cohesive, energetic and positive; we laugh and create a joyous environment.

    Operating Principles