Third grade is a very exciting year for academic development. We will work with i - Ready Math which includes manipulatives to allow hands on experiences with math to assist the many wonderful varieties of learning styles that enhance our team. The big concepts that will be taught in math this year are multiplication, metric measurement, area and perimeter as well as fractions. We will go in depth with many fun filled STEM projects that will allow problem-based discovery among all content areas. 

    We will focus on our reading abilities. We will read, read, and read! Third grade is the first year we not only learn to read, but we read to learn. We will practice fluency on a daily basis, and will focus on improving comprehension through a variety of strategies designed to meet the diverse learning styles found in the classroom using various reading curriculum. Students will be assessed frequently in reading. Students will be working hard all year especially in reading to prepare them for the AASA test in April. Finally, we will take on some very fun writing prompts. We will use the AASA writing rubrics to help guide our writing throughout the year.