Mr. Kaufmann's 7th Grade Science Class

    - We are using Canvas which is an online learning platform.

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    Students will need their student login information to access the DVUSD Portal

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    For science class students should have access to:

    a device with internet access

    pencil, pen, or something to write with

    lined paper (notebook or loose)

    colored pencils, crayons, or markers

    index cards or blank paper

    - Readings and videos are from Discovery Education and embedded online on Canvas.

    - I have high expectations of each of you.

    - We will be kind, responsible, and respectful.

    - I am here for you.

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    What are we doing in Science right now?



    On March 7th we will be starting our last unit.

    History of Earth (fossils, plate tectonics)

    How rocks form

    Layers of the Earth

    Finally: How all of Earth's sytems work together to support life on Earth

    What to see specific assignments? Please log into Canvas.


    Contact info for Mr. Kaufmann

    Email - chad.kaufmann@dvusd.org

    I send and receive emails between 7am and 4pm Monday - Friday. I will do my best to get back to you within one school day. 

    Students should contact me through Canvas. We will go over this the 1st day of class and it is on my Canvas page.


    See the image below? Do you think this guy gave up?

    I hope you answered "No way." 

    If the shark gave up, then it would starve and that would be bad...right?

    I expect that all of my students will continue to try even after experiencing failure.

    Failure drives success! 

    Shark jumping out of the water


    • IMPORTANT CLASSROOM WEBSITES!!!                  AND                       IMPORTANT SCIENCE CURRICULUM WEBSITES!!             


    Other things for 7th grade science!.

    STEM Night is April 27th from 5-7pm

    Everyone in the community is welcome - students should not come alone.

    Your 7th grader is making a small part of a much larger Rube Goldberg Machine.

    There will also be a ton of other things going on around campus that evening.



    We have many classroom pets. I will send home permission slips to handle forms the first week back to school. 

    - Most of the critters and cages are either donated/rescued or are from my own house.

    - any help with upkeep/food for the pets is always appreciated

    - sometimes at the end of the year I rehome some of the classroom pets, if this is of interest to your family please reach out to me via eamil



    Donors Choose for classroom equipment/lesson materials 

    Check it out if you wish to donate above and beyond to any of the wonderful teachers that are in need.

    I am so lucky year after year to have parents that are supportive of the needs of their children.


    Thank you,

    Chad Kaufmann

    Canyon Springs STEM Academy

    Science isn't just for scientists and guys in lab coats. It's something that everybody can do. Jamie Hyneman