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    Period 1 - ELA 1-2 w/ Debra Payne
    Period 2 - ELA 1-2 w/ Debra Payne
    Period 3 - ELA 5-6
    Period 4 - ELA 1-2
    Period 5-  Prep Period
    Period 6 - ELA 1-2
    Office Hours:

    You can find my weekly office hours posted in my classroom. Please check the board to see when I am free, and don't forget to take advantage of AcaPrep time on Tuesdays and Thursdays — you can always get a pass to come in then as well!
Download these apps.
  • Remind.com

    Remind One way that I communicate with you is through Remind, a free text messaging app. I’ll use Remind to send various announcements, including homework and deadline reminders. I encourage both students and parents to sign up to receive the messages. Enrolling is easy!

    Text your code to 81010.

    ELA 1-2


    ELA 5-6


    If you have trouble with 81010, try texting your class’s code to (360) 329-7815.

  • Canvas
    Log in to Canvas to access course readings, power points, documents, and assignment submissions. You will find all course documents and our calendar on Canvas. 
    If you have questions about Canvas, check out the Canvas Guides (you can search for your question) or see me for help.
    Need to submit something to Canvas, but don't know how?  
    Check out this canvas submission guide for help.
    If you need more help turning in an assignment through the External Tool, check these out.
    PDF Directions (better if you are on an iPad)
  • Textbook


    Need to access your class textbook online?  

    Just go to my.hrw.com. Your log in is Dv.username and your password is your ID number.  

  • Adobe Reader - If you want to download any handouts off this site, you will need to download Adobe Reader.  This is a free download if you don't already have it on your computer!

  • The Mission Statement for Our English Language Arts Students:
    Our mission as Mountain Ridge High School English Language Arts students is to achieve higher level reading, writing, and critical thinking skills to be competitive and successful in the 21st century through collaboration and active learning.