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    Hello and Welcome to the Anthem School Art Page!

    Welcome to the art page! Thank you for your interest in the art program at Anthem School. My name is Mrs. Young and I am the art teacher here at Anthem. Please feel free to click the links for more information otherwise contact me with any questions about your child's success in art.

    Update for Quarter 4 School Closure

    During quarter 4 students will still be offered access to art based instruction online beginning April 6th. Activities will be posted for students to participate in. Lessons will be made avaible online through canvas (7th-8th) and on my staff page under Home Learning. These activities have been chosen keeping in mind student access of materials at home. I want students to know that these activities can be completed using whatever students have at home. Be creative! Thats one of the best things about art, it can be made on anything with anything. Also if you or you child is proud of what is created please feel free to email me a picture so it can be posted on the Anthem School Artsonia page. I will also be posting instructions on how to access and upload artwork yourself to the Artsonia site. I look forward to seeing what all my students create!