• Welcome to Online Learning!

    Welcome to our new versions of online learning! We will be using a mix of Zoom & Canvas for online instruction. In Canvas you will find all assignments, lectures and materials to help you be successful as we transition into online learning. Zoom will be used for office hours and class lectures.

    We are always updating and addressing ways to positively enhance this experience for both the students and the parents, so please send me an email, text or call if you have any thoughts or improvements!


    How to Communicate:

    Communication is the key to success for online learning. It is extremely easy to get lost or overwhelmed by online learning so please communicate with me if any problems arise. If you or your parents have ANY questions, please use one of the following ways to contact me.

    1. Canvas: If you are a student, please use Canvas messaging for all questions or concerns. Canvas messaging is located on the left-hand-side of the screen once you are logged into Canvas. Once you message me I will get back to you within the hour.


    1. Email: Jacob.Horn@dvusd.org


    1. Zoom Link: https://dvusd-org.zoom.us/j/7488768107


    1. Open Zoom meetings/ Tutoring/ Office Hours : Monday through Thursday I will be online in virtual meeting room from 1:45-3:30pm. Feel free to stop in to say “hi” or voice any questions or concerns you may have. PLEASE USE YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL WHEN LOGGING INTO ZOOM. You will not be allowed into the zoom session with an outside email.  

    If your parent/guardian wishes to zoom with me during office hours, please have them email me first so I can expect them.

    Remember that all the online material is recorded so make sure that you are only posting and messaging school appropriate material and content! I can’t wait to see you all again, even if it is virtually for now.

    -Mr. Horn