• Welcome to 8th Grade English! 

    For the months of April and May, English students will be reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. They will have a group project, and present it to the class.  Yes, they will dress up as a "Soc" or a "Greaser" when they present! Projects will be presented May 16 and May 17. Let's get creative, and have fun!

    The Outsiders Project

    This will be a group project. You will be given a grade on your work in the group, and you will present to the class as a group. The project needs to be thoughtful, creative, informative and relevant. It must be evident that you put thought into your project. You will need to demonstrate knowledge of S.E. Hinton’s book The Outsiders, and demonstrate deeper knowledge about life as an American teenager. You must show your creative side, and have fun! All of your work needs to be relevant to the book and you as a teenager. Think about what connections you can make to your life and the world around you.

    One of the following scenes will be presented to the class.  You are not reenacting it, you are discussing your understanding of the main ideas, events, or themes of the section.  You will explain the motivation of the characters, and provide evidence from the text.

    First, select a scene (you will pick it out of the “hat”):

    1. Ponyboy Curtis gets jumped
    2. The Greasers go to the Drive in and meet Cherry
    3. Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis get jumped by Socs
    4. The Church catches on Fire
    5. Final rumble between the Socs and the Greasers
    6. The relationship between Dally, Sodapop and Ponyboy

    Second, in your group, you will assign a member for each section. Each section will be presented in front of the class by assigned person:

    1. Writing a Character Sketch of a person in the scene. Include the following items about your character: gender, age and name, physical appearance, physical and personal strengths and weaknesses, his/her likes and dislikes, his/her feelings about other people, feelings of other people in the book about your character, feelings himself/herself, his/her personality traits, his/her beliefs, and your opinion about the character. Have on a posterboard.
    2. Select a Song that represents your scene. How could songs illustrate a theme in the book? Choose a song that represents the theme in the book, and lives of teenagers today. Explain your understanding of the song, the symbolism and how it relates to The Outsiders, but also how it captures the lives of teenagers. Present on a posterboard.
    3. Design a new book cover that represents your scene. You must have a minimum of three symbols from the book on your cover. Explain what your book cover means. Design on a posterboard.
    4. Create the front page of a newspaper with your particular scene being the headline. Write the story, and don’t forget to add other small stories, and advertisements (think about what they would advertise from ideas in the book). Design on a posterboard.

    Third, plan how you are going to dress for your presentation! Are you a greaser or a soc?

    Greasers Boys: white or black tee shirts with rolled up sleeves and blue jeans, and sometimes leather jackets. Slick back the hair with “grease.” Sneakers or boots. Greaser Girls: same as boys, but add hoop earrings, a ponytail, winged eyeliner, and red lipstick. Soc Boys: tan pants with striped or checkered button-up shirts, or polos. Sweater and nice shoes. Soc Girls: preppy style, skirts, dresses no jeans or sneakers. Headbands with ponytails, ribbons, flats (shoes), khakis.

    Advanced English will be reading Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare. They have the following assignment, Due May 17:

    Sociograms are visual representations of the interaction of characters in a novel. They require the same sort of critical analysis that you would use in writing an essay. 

    The sociogram should be created on a large piece of paper. Complete a rough draft first (which we are doing in class), than create the final on a large piece of paper/posterboard.

    1. Pick a character to be in the middle. It does not need to be the lead character, but it should be a major character.
    2. Add the other characters from the play by connecting them to the main character in the middle. Any characters that have some sort of significant interaction should be connected.  This applies to the character in the middle as well as character on the periphery that interact during the play.
    3. Add something to the lines to indicate the importance of the relationship. You can add different colors, or make them dotted or squiggly lines, or make the lines actual shapes (like hearts or swords). Provide a key that explains what each line means.
    4. To each line add a brief description of the interaction between the characters in the play. For example, you may already have a line that indicates that Oberon and Titania are married, but have a description that states Oberson is jealous of Titania’s attention toward the young boy of whom she is taking care.
    5. Group the character is some meaningful way with a color, symbol, or font that represents a meaningful grouping in the play.
    6. Add a symbol that represent each character’s role in the novel. Explain in 2 or 3 sentences on a separate sheet of paper why you chose the symbol that you did. Two to three sentences per symbol. Each character has a symbol.

    Students will also present their Sociogram. They will do so by:

    1. Stating the central character
    2. Stating what you found most interesting about the character analyzation
    3. Visual is prepared so it is bright, clean, and clear to read
    4. Articulation and pronunciation is clear
    5. Eye Contact and posture is appropriate