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Bachelor in Education Masters in Educational Leadership

Mrs. Sarah Bruhn

Mrs. Bruhn's room...WHERE FUN IS ALWAYS GOOD


Hi! My name is Sarah Bruhn and this is my 15th year as an educator. My family and I moved to Arizona from Colorado three years ago and I was immediately drawn to Diamond Canyon. We have a magnificent school filled with exceptional staff and students. I am especially excited about our seventh graders! Here you will get a glimpse of who I am and who I strive to be.

I grew up in Lincoln Nebraska, which explains my totally normal Husker Football obsession. My grandma told me since a young age that I would be a teacher. I debated this as I wanted to be a lawyer. It was not until my sophomore year in college when I was a camp counselor that I had a change of heart. I had an epiphany while in the woods teaching youth and knew what my calling was. I quickly changed my major and have not looked back since. I believe teaching is truly the most challenging and also the most rewarding profession there is, and I cannot imagine doing anything else.

I taught for one year in Nebraska, 10 years in Colorado and this will be my third year as an Arizonan. My husband Chase and I have three daughters: Olivia age 18 (freshman in college) Layla age 12 (sixth grader at Diamond Canyon), and Lincoln age 5 (Pre-K at Diamond Canyon).

When I am not preparing for school I enjoy mountain biking, shopping and spending time with my family. We love to travel, explore and play games together. We are LOVING the warm (est) weather and playing together in our pool. We are continually looking for fun ways to bond as a family.

As a teacher I believe that learning should be fun. Students learn best when they feel that the information is relevant to their own lives. I am very passionate about education and at times I feel like a motivational speaker in my classroom. I tell my students that education is power and hope by the end of this year they will believe it. I am truly honored to teach your kids this and looking forward to a fabulous year.


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I look forward to meeting each of you!