• The notes posted are our current topic, and the rubric below is for the quarter project we are currently working on.

    The quarter project is designed to be done mostly at home, and allows the students to have creative license over their writing.  Projects can be typed or written.  

    An extra note:  There seems to be difficulty for some with submissions on Canvas, affecting students and parents.  I am working on teaching students how to do so, and have posted instructions on my board.  Because reading the instructions is far more complicated than seeing, I am working on posting a screen video demonstrating an example of submitting an assignment.  We use Canvas quite a bit, so this is critical for the students.

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  • Project #1: Civil War Journal Entries

    Sept. 3rd, 2019





    By researching the topic and events happening at the time, the students will have a better understanding of the lives slaves and soldiers had.  By writing in first person, the students can appreciate a better identity with their character.





    ●    Students will write a minimum of 3 journal entries.

    ●    These journals must be in first person (I, me, etc.)

    ●    Each entry must be a minimum of 150 words.

    ●    Preferably typed, but can also be written.

    ●    A minimum of 1 source that gave information to writing.






    ●    1st person

    ●    Include following:

    ○    Name

    ○    Family

    ○    Location

    ○    Dates

    ○    Names of people involved

    ●    Before starting entries, those details must be checked by the teacher.

    ●    Must follow a timeline

    ●    Ask the teacher for any questions regarding acceptable ideas.

    Final Result

    The final journal submitted should include all details about the character, an obvious timeline, and be spell-checked and readable.





    Topics to choose from

    ●   Escaped and free slave

    ●   Civil war soldier

    ●   Member of Underground Railroad

    ●   Abolitionist

    ●   A Northern newspaper writer

    ●   Civil war nurse/doctor

    ●   A politician




    The journal entries are due September 3rd, 2019. 


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  • 7th Grade Social Studies

    Teacher: Thomas Standring

    Email: thomas.standring@dvusd.org

    Room: I106


    Goals: Our goal is to learn not only the facts about significant moments in history, but to also understand motivations and connect consequences to incidents.  During the process, we will be using sources to support written positions as well as different classroom activities to demonstrate mastery of content.

    Expectations: I expect each student to behave properly and exhibit an attitude for learning, which will lead to further development of more complex writing and theorizing.  I want students to embody the following:

    • Constructive team members
    • Active listeners and participation in daily activities
    • Respect fellow student’s opinions and answers
    • Complete work in a timely fashion
    • Take responsibility for homework, notes, etc.


    Course Objectives:

    • Students will organize notes and information related to activities, for later reference in the unit.
    • Students will establish effective academic relationships with classmates in order to benefit from group activities.
    • Proper behavior is expected at all times.
    • Students are expected to read, write, and discuss information while recording subsequent information.


    • Tests & Quizzes: 60% 
    • Projects: 25%
    • Assignments: 15%
      • Bell work & classwork


    • Retakes are allowed on tests, 
    • Quizzes are not permitted.  However:
      • The quiz policy can have exceptions depending on circumstances (issues with questions, content or performance)
      • If there is a need for a retaken quiz, it will a second different quiz.  I will take the higher grade out of the two quizzes.

    Textbook: Discovering Our Past; a History of the United States, McGraw Hill © 2014.

    For policies on bathroom, nurse, late work, etc. please refer to the 7th/8th Grade Syllabus handed out to each student.


    Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________

    Student Signature: ___________________________________

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