• Mrs. Holt 6th Grade Math


    Welcome to 6th Grade!


    My goal for this page is for it to be a resource for you to find all the information you may need this year.  I look forward to getting to know each of you this year and working with all the 6th graders as they learn and grow this year.  If you ever have any questions, that you can't find the answers to on here, please feel free to email. I will also be using a Bloomz class page for any pictures, events, signups, etc.  I have a class code to join that page, a letter will be available at Meet the Teacher, if you missed it feel free to ask for an additional copy.

  • Mrs. Holt Class Schedule                          Early Release Friday


    8:45-10:15        ELA                                8:45-9:45           Reading

    10:15-11            Specials                         9:45-10:20        Writing

    11-12:15            Math                             10:20-11            Science/SS

    12:15-1pm        Lunch                             11-11:40           Math

    1-1:50                 Win-Win                       11:40-12:15      Specials

    1:50-2:40           Science                         12:15-1pm        Lunch

    2:40-3:30           Social Studies                1-1:50                 Win-Win

                                                                       1:50-2                 Science/SS