• English Language Arts 8 & Advanced English Language Arts 8

     The magic of reading

     "Books are a uniquely portable magic."

    -Stephen King


  • 2022-2023 Daily Schedules     

    Full-Day Schedule

    8:15-9:00          Period 1
    9:00-10:00        Period 2
    10:00-10:30      Period 3 / MTSS
    10:30-11:30      Period 4
    11:30-12:30      Period 5
    12:30-1:00        Period 6 / Lunch
    1:00-2:00          Period 7
    2:00-3:00          Period 8


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  • Dear Students and Families,

    Along with all of our academic goals, we aim to prepare students for the higher expectations of high school. There will be a strong focus on study skills, organization, and time management in the first quarter to help students develop positive habits. We are excited to see our students grow into more independent learners, and we will do all we can to support them in that process. Of course, with increased independence comes increased responsibility. I am sure that our 8th grade students will rise to the occasion and make themselves, their families, and their school proud.

    Let’s have a fantastic year!

    Ms. Kinzler

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  • Regarding IB MYP grading, please remember:

    Posted by Andrea Kinzler on 8/3/2022
    In regards to achieving a 7 or 8 on the rubric for each of the 4 criteria, each summative assessment (test) has clearly defined task descriptions that outline how a student can achieve the highest level. Students are normally achieving around a 3-6 during this time of the year. This is not to say someone will not achieve a 7 or 8 it just means that students must be able to demonstrate a level of knowledge and understanding that exceeds expectations. Any student who meets the criteria for a 7 or 8 will score a 7 or 8, and the teacher will interpret the criteria at the grade level of the course concerned. The criteria are achievable at all grade levels.
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