• Policies and Procedures

    Principal: Jamie Hood

    Paseo Hills Elementary: 602-445-4500

    Mrs. Reid's e-mail: Tausha.reid@dvusd.org


    The School Day

    Start time: 8:45 a.m.

    End time: 3:30 p.m. (12:05 p.m. Early Release days)


     Students are allowed on campus at 8:30a.m. (8:15a.m for breakfast) and are directed to the playground until the 8:40a.m. Bell.  Students line up at a designated spot on the playground to be escorted to the classroom by the teacher.

     Once in the classroom:


    • Students turn in homework
    • Place backpacks on designated hook
    • Students will move their attendance marker
    • Students work on Morning Work/walk to RTI

     Attendance is taken at 8:45 a.m. while students are working on Morning Work

     8:45 – 9:30 – RTI (Response to Intervention)

     Students will work in small groups at workshops listed in lesson plan.  Teacher meets with small groups for 20 minutes each.

    Workshops include:

    • Listening
    • Word work
    • Fluency
    • Writing
    • Vocabulary
    • Partner read

     9:30 – 10:15 Specials

     Students line up in two quiet lines (boys and girls), eyes forward, arms at sides, mouths are silent.

     Monday – PE

    Tuesday – PE

    Wednesday – Art

    Thursday – Music

    Friday – 1st Quarter: PE   2nd Quarter: Music 3rd/4th Quarters: PE


    Students return from Specials in two quiet lines

     10:15 – 11:15 Math/Math Centers

     Whole group lesson on the Smart board, learning strategies to help solve math problems

     Work in small groups, with manipulatives and brainstorming ideas with classmates to solve math problems, applying new strategies. Teacher works with small groups

     11:15 a.m. – Recess/Lunch

     Students will have recess PRIOR to lunch.  At the whistle, students will line up into two lines to wash their hands at the hand wash station on the playground. Two lines walk to the sinks outside the Multipurpose where students will wash their hands and enter into the cafeteria a single, straight and silent line.

     Two lines are formed for lunch: hot lunch, and cold lunch

     Cold lunch line gets directed to assigned table. Hot lunch lines up to give their lunch card for lunch.

     Students are encouraged to eat MOST of their lunch in the time allotted before being dismissed to class. If more time is needed to finish, students may stay at their table until complete.

     12:00 – 1:30 – Reading Street (Reading curriculum)

    Whole Group:

    Students meet with teacher as a whole group. In whole group, the students will:

    • Partner up with buddy for Partner exercises
    • Remain respectful of others while seated next to partner
    • Respond as a whole when directed

     Phonics/Words Their Way Word Study

     Students participates in a Phonics warm up.  Warm-up is Huggett (white binder, labeled) and then systematic phonics.  

     Students will complete WTW word study in their Study Books (spiral notebook)

     1:30 – 2:00 Science

     Whole group lesson with hands-on experiments and STEM activities

     2:00 – 2:20 Social Studies

     Whole group lesson on current events and curriculum

     2:20 – 2:30 Recess

     2:30 – 3:20 Writing/Handwriting

     Whole group lesson on sentence structure, grammar, letter formation, and cursive

     CLOSING: (3:20 p.m., Early Release Days – 11:45 a.m.)

     Students clean all paperwork off desks and sit in ready position.  Table captain distributes homework for students to put into folders. Tables are dismissed to gather backpacks. Table captains check for cleanliness of table.

     Students are dismissed into three lines: Bus; Rattler’s Den; and Parent Pick-Up

     Students are released from the classroom to their designated areas to be escorted to final destinations.

     If a child is not picked up by 4:00 p.m. (12:30 p.m. on Early Release days), that child is brought to the office to call parents for pick up

     Homework Folders

     The students’ homework folders are checked daily. Reading logs are checked for minutes read and folders are checked for messages and parent signatures.

     Homework and important information is put on the left side of the folder.  Important resources are in page protectors to stay with the folder.  Returned work is place on the right side of the folder


     Each students has an incentive chart on their desk.  Punches are earned:

    • Homework returned
    • Tuesday folder returned
    • Quiet working
    • Completed class work
    • Good behavior during Specials
    • Excellent line participation
    • Ready position at desks; quickest/quietest table
    • Proper behavior during workshops


    When an incentive card has been completed, students trade their full card for a new one and a Reward Card from the treasure binder.  Reward cards include:

    • Stinky Feet (no shoes in the classroom)
    • Super Supplies (use scented markers)
    • Job Swap (switch jobs with another student)
    • Seat Swap (switch seat with another student)
    • Stuffed Animal (bring a small stuffed friend for the day)
    • Show and Tell (bring a small item from home to show)

     Reward cards are redeemed the following day so students may enjoy their reward all day.  Reward cards need to be returned. In addition to the incentive cards, there is a school-wide program where students can earn ROCK tickets (for exhibiting Respect, Responsibility and Caring in ALL areas of the school).  Students receive a ROCK ticket with every completed incentive card.  On Thursdays, TWO tickets are drawn and given a prize within the classroom.  On Fridays, the office draws TWO tickets for each grade level and those students get a prize from the office.


     We are a WHOLE BRAIN CLASS.  Students can receive punches on their incentive cards for following the rules.  These rules are posted above the board.  I get their attention by saying “Class, class” in which they respond with “Yes, yes”.  Love and Logic is also implemented in the classroom with the main idea being that “You can only behave in a way that is NOT distracting or disturbing to the others around you.”  My main goal as a teacher is to create a high academic learning environment for my students, so that they can succeed both academically and socially. 

     I have great expectations for my students to respect the learning of others. Students will learn from the first day about that respect.  If a student struggles with the expectations, I will notify you in his/her homework folder and I ask that you please talk to your child about the behavior that needs to be corrected and discuss what he/she needs to do differently.

     Class Volunteers

     Parent volunteers are an important part of school.  Volunteer calendars are sent home to parents and parents choose which dates and times they are available.  A confirmation calendar will be returned to the volunteering parent and a master calendar is kept at the teacher’s desk.  ALL volunteers MUST complete district training PRIOR to coming to the classroom.  Volunteers MUST sign in at the front office and be wearing a visitor’s badge.  Volunteers are allowed to assist with students, by may not file, grade, or help JUST their child.  If a student is too distracted by the presence of their parent as a volunteer, the parent will be asked to volunteer from home or be given jobs that require the parent to work in another room.


     Birthday students are given a certificate on their birthday.  Birthday celebrations will be done at the end of the day and students by bring something for the class, if they wish.  All food MUST be store-bought and in the original packaging. Other options include: stickers, erasers, pencils, cookies, fruit snacks, fun-sized candy, etc. Birthday celebrations will be announced in the weekly newsletter. Birthdays in June and July will be celebrated on the student’s HALF birthday (in December or January).  Those students will receive their certificate at that time and may bring treats, if they wish.

     Folders are used for homework, monthly calendars, reading logs, and important papers.  They are checked every morning for messages and other important materials and are returned to the students by the end of the day.  Students need their agendas and homework folders every day. In addition, students will have a GREEN or RED folder to keep at school which will be used to keep any incomplete papers.

     Classroom Jobs

     Each week, certain jobs are assigned to different students that help form a feeling of ownership and responsibility within our classroom.  Throughout the school year, each student will have the opportunity to perform each job.  Jobs are assigned on Tuesday and students are reminded of their responsibility with that particular job.  If, for any reason, a student does not perform the job with respect, he/she can be relieved of the position for the remainder of the day.

     Reading Logs

    Developing a love for reading begins at home.  Reading logs are provided in the homework folders monthly.  Students should record the minutes read.  At the end of the month, minutes will be totaled for each student.  Students who have more than 200 minutes recorded for the month will receive a special reading award and a Pizza Hut certificate.  The logs are due on the date specified on the log.  Read 20 minutes EVERY night!

     Scholastic Books

     One way to build both the classroom library AND a personal library is by ordering books from the Scholastic Book catalogs. Catalogs will be sent home in Tuesday folders once a month with information on ordering, both through the classroom and online.


     Our classroom does NOT have a bathroom within the classroom.  Bathroom routines are practiced daily.  As a class, bathroom breaks will be before Specials.  If a student must use the restroom other than that time, he/she will notify the teacher, take a buddy and a pass, do their job and return quickly.  Students may NOT use the restroom during teacher instruction time. They MAY use the restroom: before/after school, during workshop time, and at lunch/recess.

     Notes from Home...

    At the beginning of each month, I will be sending home a small notepad for you to fill out in praise of your child.  Most will consist of a starter sentence that you will finish with your child in mind.  The notepads will be posted in the classroom for your child to see throughout the month. I feel this is a good opportunity for you to express your support for your child.


     I will be sending home a newsletter once a week that includes information on what is happening within our classroom.  It will also include upcoming events at the school, help wanted, and other interesting information so be sure to look for it in your child’s homework folder.

     Please refer the Parent/Student Handbook for detailed information on school policies and procedures (absences, behavior matrix, dress code, etc.)

     If ever you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  E-mail is best (Tausha.reid@dvusd.org) but notes in the homework folder work also.