Hello Mrs. Matej's 3rd Grade Gifted Cohort Class! 


    Let me give you a virtual high five, say hello and welcome to my class!  I am so excited to have you as my students for the next year!  We are going to do wonderful and fantastic things, both online and once we get back into the classroom! I know all of us are a bit scared and unsure of what the start of the school year online will look like, but I want to assure you, this year will be AWESOME and EXCITING!

    So as they say in Disneyland, hold on to your hats and glasses, cause this here is the wildest ride in the wilderness! 

    If you are excited to try Canvas out, I have published our Attendance Page for you to look at!

    big thunder



      First things first!  For all of my students and their parents, our virtual learning will take place on a platform called Canvas.  I absolutely love Canvas because everything is in one place and you and your student will be able to access everything you need from there.  The instructions are simple.  You can click on the link below , or you can open a browers window on your student's technology (chromebook or home computer) and type in DVUSD Canvas.  This will take you to the district's Canvas home page.  All your student needs to do now is log on with their student id and password. If you are having any issues at all, please send me an email to the email address below and I will do my best to get you that information.    I have used Canvas for the past few years and even though I know it might be new to some of you, it truly is the easiest way to have everything in one simple place to access. 

    I have added the link to DVUSD Canvas here to hopefully make this easier for you!

    Click here to go to Canvas!

    I also added a direct link to Canvas, on the left of this page, as the last tab. 





    For my parents:



    Please, please, please, do not stress over finding your child's student id and password.  I know it can get frustrating getting all of this in order to begin with, but I promise after the first few days, your students will be able to get on all by themselves and will be able to access everything they need.  I am always available for any help or tech support during this transition and for the rest of the school year!  We are all in this together and I want this experience to be the best start of a school year ever! 

    Below is my email address!  If you need to speak with me in person, please send me your phone number and I will get back to you ASAP!

    Also, as of Thursday night, I have sent out a welcome letter to all my parents.  If for some reason you did not receive it, please email me with your correct email address, as I have had a few sent back to me as undeliverable.  Thank you!





    My email: wendy.hildebrandt-matej@dvusd.org


    Once you have accessed our class on Canvas, you will see every subject that we will be covering this year.  I have color coded them and added a fun picture on each, just so everyone knows what subject we are working on based on the picture.  Zoom meeting links and codes will be found on Canvas, as well as your student can ask me questions directly, upload assignments and videos, see the weekly calender, get notifications about assignments, access their Google drive and so much more! You can even become an observer, so you can see how and what your child is doing.  I know this is a lot to digest, but we will be taking things one step at a time. 

    So let's get started!!! 

    me Mrs, Matej




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