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    Hello Everyone!  Welcome to Mrs. Matej's 8th grade science page. 

    If you need to know what we did today, take a look at the calendar page.  I try to keep it up to date, just in case you missed a day in class. Please double check with me when you return to school, to get anything you missed! 

    I also have all the Google Slides I use in my lectures now on Canvas. If you need the lesson while you were gone or you just want check and made sure you caught all the information in class, just go onto Canvas, look under Modules and you can see all the slideshow!!!

    If you need to get in touch with me you can leave me a voice message at my school number or better yet, drop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible!  Here is a link to my email address!  623-445-5377





    Thank you to all my wonderful students for such an outstanding year!   



       Our Schedule


    Daily Schedule                           

    Period           Times                  Class Name

    1st             8:45 - 9:30             Exploratory: STEM

    2nd           9:30 - 10:15            Specials

    3rd           10:15 - 11:15          Science

    4th           11:15 - 12:15          Science

    5th           12:15 - 12:45         RTI

    6th           12:45 - 1:15            LUNCH 

    7th           1:20 - 1:30              Vocab Surge 

    7th           1:30 - 2:30             Science

    8th           2:30 - 3:30             Science



    Quizlet Chemistry