Special Education Syllabus

    Resource Room 901

    Hello! My name is Laura Allard. I am one of the Special Education teachers/service coordinators here at Sunrise Elementary School.

    I am excited to be starting my third year at Sunrise. I look forward to seeing you all on Zoom classes. IEP service minutes will be provided using Zoom sessions and through Classroom Canvas accounts.

    Zoom Expectations:

    *Participation  *Respect  *Best Effort

    Zoom rules-1.png

    Peachjar and Social Media

    Peachjar is a site you can visit to find out important information on campus. To sign up, go to the Sunrise website and scroll to the bottom of the right hand side, click on the Peachjar icon and enter your information. You can also follow Sunrise Elementary School on:

    Facebook: Sunrise Elementary- DVUSD

    Twitter: @SunriseLions

    Instagram: sunriselions1


    Helpful Websites:

    Math: Zearn.com                                       Typing Skills: Typingclub.com




    Read for 20 minutes every day

    Your child’s classroom teacher may give other assignments


    Positive Behavior:

    I encourage positive behavior daily by recognizing and rewarding appropriate behavior. I establish clear expectations and regularly pre-teach expectations during lessons to ensure that syudents understand how to be successful.

    Disruptive Behavior:

    If a student is not following directions, he/she will receive a verbal warning. Generally, students are able to correct disruptive behaviors quickly. However, if the disruptive behavior continues, a phone call home and/or a conference will be scheduled.


    About Ms. Allard

    I am very excited for the 2020-2021 school year! I was born and raised in North Dakota and moved to Arizona while in high school. I have two children and three dogs. My hobbies include camping and spending time outdoors.

    I welcome any questions and/or concerns. I can be reached by:

    Email: Laura.Allard@dvusd.org


    Here are some reminders for you when we are back at campus


    Although it is recommended that medication be given at home, we understand that it is not always possible to do so. In this case, parents must obtain a medication form from the school nurse and have it completed by your child’s physician. Also, medication must be in the original bottle from the pharmacy.


    Check-In Policy

    For safety reasons, visitors must check-in at the office and present a photo ID (driver’s license is preferred). After presenting photo identification, the visitor will have their picture taken and a sticker printed out with their name and photo. This sticker must be worn while the visitor is on campus. Visitors need to return to the office before they leave to check out. 8:15 am- 2:45 pm is protected instructional time. Thank you for helping us make Sunrise a safe school for our students!



    When your child is absent, please call in to the office.