Curriculum Night Power Point

    View this link to find out everything you need to know about fifth grade at gavilan peak!


    Mrs. Lasich Daily Schedule

    8:15-9:30             HR & PERIOD 2                  Science and Reading

    9:30-10:40           PERIOD 3                          Science and Reading (SAGE Reading to Ms. G @9:55)

    10:40-11:25         SPECIALS

                                M & F                              PE

                                T                                    CODING

                                W                                   MANDARIN

                                R                                    ART

    11:25-12:00         RTI (Class meetings on Wednesdays with Homeroom)

    12:00-12:30         RECESS and LUNCH

    12:30-1:40           PERIOD 5                             Science and Reading

    1:40-1:55             RECESS

    1:55-3:00             EXPLORATIONS

     My Reading classes will be going to the library every other Thursday.