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    Bonjour!  Please see the grade level tab to the left on the navigation menu or on your mobile device by clicking on the 3 bars at the top left of your screen. There you will find all the info about class and supplies needed.  


    You will join your class via LIVE!! Zoom instruction during your regularly scheduled period.

    Please see Canvas to access your level's specific weekly calendar and attendance times.   

    You will have homework to complete for French EACH EVENING even though you attend an ABC schedule with Design and Art class.  As during our normal face-to-face classes, it will work BEST if you do a SMALL amount of work each day rather than completing the work all in one or two larger chunks.  

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    Information about IB Grading


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  • Please refer to Page 3 of student agenda!!
    A range:  8 A++       7 A+            6A
    B range:  5B+          4 B
    C range:  3C
    D range:  2D
    F range:  1F
    0= does not reach descriptor prescribed by the rubric 
    In regards to achieving a 7 or 8 (A+) on the rubric for each of the 4 criteria, each summative assessment (test) has clearly defined task descriptions that outline how a student can achieve the highest level. Students are normally achieving around a 3-6 (C, B, B+, A) during this time of the year. This is not to say someone will not achieve a 7 or 8 it just means that students must be able to demonstrate a level of knowledge and understanding that exceeds expectations. Any student who meets the criteria for a 7 or 8 will score a 7 or 8, and the teacher will interpret the criteria at the grade level of the course concerned. The criteria are achievable at all grade levels.
    In regards to the achieving of a 10 out of 10 (A+)--this is in reference to the "Snapshot" grade found on PowerSchool. This is a weekly updated grade that is determined by the homework, classwork, formative assessment, and summative assessment completed in the course at that time. This grade is a "heads-up" indicator that allows parents and students to understand where the student is in regards to their current level of achievement and what they need to work towards. When looking at this in PowerSchool please disregard the percentages or the letter as PowerSchool defaults to an incorrect representation of the mark. This is why we have placed these conversions into the student agenda and explained these to students in class. Please look at page 7 in the student agenda to see the conversion from a 10 point scale to a letter. The final mark for each quarter will not be an average of scores from the beginning of the year. The final mark is based off of the most consistent, recent, and appropriate level of achievement from all summative assessments
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