• Sequence of Courses

    Media Productions (9-12)

    Students will be introduced to audio/visual and multimedia technology. This hands-on course will work in a digital media computer lab to capture, create and edit video to be used in multimedia projects.

    Intermediate Media Productions (10-12)

    Students are provided with real world simulation experiences in multimedia and video broadcast production. Students are teamed together to form production crews and given authentic experience with multimedia computers, video cameras, visual editing equipment, microphones, audio mixers and lighting equipment.

    Advanced Media Productions (11-12)

    Students will utilize multimedia technology to design and execute specialized projects in collaboration with team members using critical thinking and a solution focus to achieve predetermined outcomes.

    CTE Internship (12)

    Students participate in a supervised work experience of a minimum of 5 hours per week (paid or unpaid) in a position within the CTE program area of Media Productions. The CTE Internship provides on-the-job experience and valuable industry networking.