ELA With Mrs. Tipton

    7th grade ELA is a rigorous course that encompasses reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in preparation for high school.  Students will be expected to reflect and respond to various texts and literature. They will be challenged to think critically and encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions in various ways.  This course is aligned with the Arizona College and Career Readiness standards.


    Writing Workshop With Mrs. Tipton

    Throughout this workshop, students will get step-by-step instruction on how to analyze non-fiction text, embed and elaborate on in-text citations, and write informative and argumentative essays.


    ELD ELA With Mrs. Tipton

    ELD English Language Arts is a rigorous course that encompasses English reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening skills to help students reach proficiency on the AZELLA, and achieve fluency with the English language.   This course is taught as a two period block.