• Welcome to 4th Grade!

    Team 4th


    Mrs. Rowlan(Math), Mrs. Richardson(Sci/SS), Mrs. Reese(ELA), PLUS Ms. Bushnell (in Renaissance), are looking forward to an exciting year of learning with you! 


    What Will We Learn This Year?
    • Reading: narrative elements, cause, and effect, summarizing, drawing conclusions, main idea, and details, sequence, elements of nonfiction and other reading skills
    • Math: place value, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, geometry, measurement, patterns, and problem-solving.  
    • Science: weather, magnetism, landforms, water, and scientific inquiry
    • Social Studies: using research skills, American history, Arizona history, government, and economics
    • Writing: the writing process with emphasis on a variety of genres and the 6 traits model
    • STEM: quarterly problem-based focus topic across all content areas - Q1: The Grand Canyon Q2: Earthquakes Q3: Maglev Trains Q4: Cartoon Contest 

    Our goal is to build a partnership not only with your children but with you too. As wolves, we will howl through fourth grade!!!

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