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    • Open enrollment for Pathways Spring 1 continues through January 19, 2021.  Enrollment information can be reviewed on this website (see left hand side of screen) or through the counseling center on the home school campus.
    • Please go to the link below for our district Return to Learning information.  This site contains various information to assist families as we all navigate the current pandemic.  https://www.dvusd.org/returntolearning
    • Students who have been placed on a "10 day home stay" from the home campus should not report to the Pathways classroom.  Please notify Pathways of status so we can work with the student and family to continue the Pathways enrollment.

    About Our Program...

    DVUSD Pathways is an after school program for students who desire to accelerate their learning, require flexibility in their school schedule, or want to recover credit.  Our program provides an additional path to academic success through the Deer Valley Unified School District.  Beginning January 2019, DVUSD Pathways has facilitated student success by providing compact size classrooms, a focus on building relationships in the pursuit of student success.  Student success encompasses increased self-confidence, improved attendance, and learning content through a variety of instructional strategies created to meet student needs.  DVUSD Pathways utilizes the quality DVUSD curriculum and teaching team.  Join us on this path to success! 


    DVUSD Pathways Core Values:

    Diverse:  Serving a multi-faceted student population.

    Vigorous:  Highly qualified, classroom leaders promoting rigor utilizing DVUSD curriculum.

    Uplifting:  Establish strong, positive relationships to create a sense of community.

    Success:  Student achievement through multiple instructional strategies.

    Data Driven:  Analyze classroom outcomes to foster academic success.

  • DVUSD Pathways Host Campus:

    Barry Goldwater High School                            Boulder Creek High School

    2820 W. Rose Garden Ln.                                     40404 N. Gavilan Peak Pkwy.

    Phoenix, AZ 85027                                                  Anthem, AZ 85086

    623-445-3209                                                            623-445-8627