• Introducing DVUSD Pathways!



    • February 19, 2019, our DVUSD Pathways students enter the fifth week of their six week journey.  As we move closer to the finish line, it is important to be mindful of individual attendance and completion of course work.  Our students have endured a longer school day and additional coursework.  Please join myself and our teachers in providing the support and encouragement to finish strong!


    In an effort to provide flexibility in our student learning environment, DVUSD is proud to announce the creation of a Night School option for our students and families!  DVUSD Pathways allows our students the opportunity to accelerate their learning, provide flexibility for students and families while offering credit recovery options.


    DVUSD Pathways will be offered at Barry Goldwater High School and Boulder Creek High School.  Fast Track courses will be offered in two evening sessions beginning  January 22nd, April 1st, and June 3rd.



    • SIX week Fast Track courses

    • Tuition Free

    • Small class sizes

    • Quality DVUSD teachers and aligned curriculum

    • Concurrent Enrollment

    • Accelerate or Recovery course credit


    We encourage students and families to consider this option.  Families and students interested in this learning opportunity can visit their school’s counseling office to obtain additional information and register. 


  • Paula Collins

    DVUSD Pathways

    Paula Collins, M.Ed.





  • Campus Contact Information

    Barry Goldwater High School

    2808 N. Rose Garden Ln.

    Phoenix, AZ 85027



    Boulder Creek High School

    40404 N. Gavilan Peak Pkwy.

    Anthem, AZ 85086