2019-2020 Continuum of Gifted of Services


    Gifted Specialist: Debbie.Erbstoesser@dvusd.org






    Gifted Services Provided


    ·        Kindergarten Talent Pool Cluster

    ·        Flexible Grouping and Differentiation

    Grade 1


    ·        Gifted Cluster Placement

    ·        Flexible grouping and differentiation

    ·        Small Group Instruction/Enrichment


    2, 3 & 4

    ·        Gifted Cluster Placement

    ·        Flexible grouping and differentiation

    ·        SPARK Enrichment Program

    Grades 5-6

    ·        Gifted Cluster Placement

    ·        Flexible grouping and differentiation

    ·        Departmentalized instruction

    ·        SPARK Enrichment Program

    Mission Statement -                                                                     

    It is our mission to provide extraordinary educational opportunities to every learner.




    Constitution Elementary Gifted Services

    2019-2020 Description of Services

    Gifted Placement -

    Gifted Testing and Scores: Students are assessed in three areas (Verbal, Quantitative, & Nonverbal) using the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) assessment. Constitution offers gifted services for students who score at or above 90% in one or more areas. Placement testing is conducted three times a year based on teacher and parent recommendations. Students may also qualify based on other state approved gifted identification assessments. Students may only be tested once per calendar year.

     Gifted Programs -

    Kindergarten Program: Kindergarten students that show a potential for gifted services are placed together, in a “talent pool,” based on school Kindergarten testing. In spring, Kindergarten students are recommended for testing by teachers and parents. They will be given the CogAT assessment for qualification in 1st grade.

    Gifted Cluster: All gifted students (those scoring at or above 90% in one or more areas) are clustered together with a gifted trained teacher for the majority of the school day.

    SPARK! Enrichment Pull-Out Program:

    Students are pulled out of their RTI class 3-4 times weekly for SPARK enrichment classes in reading and/or math. The time is used for enrichment learning experiences, including literature studies, project-based learning experiences, and participation in online math competitions.  This program provides students with engaging experiences that require students to think critically, collaborate with others, communicate their ideas, and show creativity.


    Additionally, in grades 5 and 6, students are given the opportunity to work on above-grade-level math curriculum during SPARK classes; if students succeed in these classes they may be given the opportunity to “walk up” a grade level in math.


    In the Classrooms –

    Departmentalization: Teachers teach a narrow range of subjects and the students rotate between the classrooms. This allows teachers to specialize and focus on a few subject areas and the student to become familiar with different teaching styles and expectations.

    Differentiation: The teacher, after getting to know his/her students, groups them for activities based on each individual student’s academic needs and/or areas of interest. A tiered/differentiated lesson has all students focusing on the same required concept or skill but the students are working (usually in groups) on different levels and applications of the skill or concept based on their learning needs.

    Flexible/Ability Grouping: The process of continually assessing students and grouping them according to their academic needs.