• Welcome to Canyon Springs STEM Academy! We are looking forward to a new year filled with exciting activities and learning.

    Therapy within the school setting is different from private therapy in a clinical setting. Within the public schools, we focus on assisting your child in accessing the curriculum at their ability level. We work on language, articulation, and more in therapy and work towards generalizing those skills within the classroom.


  • Update Week of August 3, 2020:

    We hope you and your family had a wonderful summer! Things will look a little different than usual this year, but we are excited to continue providing support to your child as we return to learning virtually this quarter. Your child's speech-language pathologist will reach out to you by the end of the first week to beginning scheduling teletherapy sessions to address your child's specific needs.

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    As we adjust to virtual learning, please feel free to contact the CS Speech team or set up a virtual appointment to speak with your child's speech-language pathologist if you have any questions. You can also reach out if your child has any questions or needs support. Thank you!