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    During the current school closure, please be sure to direct all questions/communication via e-mail to ensure that your message reaches the speech team. Thank you!


    Grades PreK, K, 1

    Donna Rush - Donna.Rush@dvusd.org


    Grades 2-8

    Hannah Seidel - Hannah.Seidel@dvusd.org

  • Welcome to Canyon Springs STEM Academy! We are looking forward to a new year filled with exciting activities and learning.

    Therapy within the school setting is different from private therapy in a clinical setting. Within the public schools, we focus on assisting your child in accessing the curriculum at their ability level. We work on language, articulation, and more in therapy and work towards generalizing those skills within the classroom.

    The Speech Team is composed of Mrs. Rush and Ms. Seidel. Ms. Seidel is Canyon Springs' full-time Speech-Language Pathologist and Mrs. Rush is typically at Canyon Springs three days a week.