• Welcome to Social Studies!!!
    Dear Families,
    I am extrememly excited to get started on our school year this year. The theme of this year is patience, grace, and flexibility. None of us are going to get this perfect. For most of us, whether parent, student, or teacher, we are all sailing in uncharted waters, especially when it comes to technology. It is both stressful and exciting; just remember, we are in this togther. Assignments will be assigned through the online learning platform canvas, not here on the website. The vast majority of communication is going to come through email (parents) and canvas (students). I can't wait to meet everyone. Remember, patience, grace, and flexibility.
    Mr. Fasula
  • Goals

    In addition to standards and outcomes, we will have 2 main goals this year. While these will not be specific lessons, they will be embedded in our lessons throughout the course of this year. If students can look at sources, think critically, and learn about the successes and failures of past civilizations, not only will it help them in this class, it will will help them on the path to become productive citizens.

    1. Learn How to Think, Not What to Think
    2. Learn About the Past to Learn From the Past.
  • Class Supplies

    This year I am going to make the effort to be a paperless classroom as much as possible (including when we return in person). Regardless, there will probably be a few things students need while online and once we return in person. Bolded items including online learning.

    Community Supplies

    • Spiral Notebook
    • Highlighters
    • Writing utensils
    • Colored Perncils/crayons
    • Chlorox Wipes
    • Tissues
    • Glue Sticks
    • Dry erase markers