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  • Social Studies Final Grade Break Down

    • Tests and Quizzes 60%
    • Classwork 30%
    • Notebook (ISN) 10%
  •  Lesson Plans
    Please remember that lessons will change throughout the course of the week and these plans are not set in stone. Many times lessons in all subjects take both longer and shorter than expected. Lesson plans will only be updated at the beginning of each week. 
    Week of 9/16
    • Monday: Finish debate prep. Conduct Hammurabi's Laws debate. HW: Study for test.
    • Tuesday: Retake over Paleo/Neo People. Finish debate over Hammurabi's Laws. Debrief and discuss. HW: Study for test.
    • Wednesday: Review game. Review paragraph write over Gilgamesh, model by teacher. HW: Study for test.
    • Thursday: Test over Positives/negatives of river life. Finish review of Gilgamesh.
    • Friday:  Media Center. discussion and note take over Assyrians and Neobabylonians.
    Week of 9/9
    • Monday: Complete overview of ancient Sumer. Close read of excerpt from The Epic of Gilgamesh. Answer first three questions on worksheet for HW if not completed in class.
    • Tuesday: Paragraph write using Social Studies DBQ Rubric over Gilgamesh.
    • Wednesday: Finish paragraphs if not complete. Overview of Akkad and Babylon.
    • Thursday: Introduction of Hammurabi's Laws. Read and discuss. Place students into groups fair vs cruel for debate. Debate prep.
    • Friday: Prep for debate next week.
    Week of 9/2
    *Note 1: There will be retake this week over the Why Move & Historical Terms test on Wednesday, 9/4. Students need to just complete the retake contract discussed in class.
    *Note 2: There will be a test over Paleolithic People and The Effects of the Farming Revolution on Friday, 9/7.
    • Monday: No School due to Labor Day
    • Tuesday: Graph the previous test in ISN. Discussion and note take over River Valley Civilizations. Preview of Mesopotamia if time. HW: Study for test
    • Wednesday: Finish Preview. Mesopotamia Timeline of Empires. Begin note take and discussion over Sumer.
    • Thursday: Review for test. Finish notetake and discussion over Sumer. Begin close read over an Excerpt from the Epic of Gilgamesh.
    • Friday: Paleolithic and The Effects of the Farming Revolution Test. Continue with close read over the Epic of Gilgamesh.
    Week of 8/26
    • Monday: Complete Multi-Flow Map of the Effects of the Farming Revolution through discussion and modeling.
    • Tuesday: Introduce SS Writing Rubric and how to elaborate in an extended response question. (Model using reasons for migration).
    • Wednesday: Extended Response Writing over farming revolution. Pass out test Friday's test and discuss parameters for retake.
    • Thursday: Otzi the Iceman web quest.
    • Friday: Finish web quest.
    Week of 8/19
    Quiz on Friday 8/23 over historical terms and Why Move Notes
    • Monday: Complete Push/Pull. Complete notes over Why Move. Begin notes and discussin over Paleolithic People. HW: Finish Reasons for Mirgration Worksheet.
    • Tuesday: Finish Paleolithic People notes. Virtual Tour of Lascaux Caves. Prep for activity tomorrow.
    • Wednesday: Neolithic Village Simulation.
    • Thursday: Debrief simulation.
    • Friday: Quiz over Why Move and Historical Terms.
    Week of 8/12
    • Monday: Ideal Teacher/Student Activity. Set up class notebook. Discussion of classroom goals and answer the question, "How Do We Know, What We Know, About the Past." Overview of tomorrow's simulation.
    • Tuesday: Conduct simulation and fill out the chart. The chart is HW if it is not completed.
    • Wednesday: Debrief simulation. Discussion of conclusions about arti-fakes, but also roles/jobs that would be useful in decoding the past. Create table in ISN.
    • Thursday: Inductive reasoning activity over why people move. Examine Push/Pull Factors and reasons for migration.
    • Friday: Finish, debrief, and explain yesterday's activity.