Elective Class Selection for 20/21:
    Students please click on the link below to select your elective classes for next school year. All forms should be submitted by Friday, April 24th.
    Please email Courtenay.Douglas-Salisbury@dvusd.org if you have any questions. Thank you.


    Canvas and Virtual Class Meeting Information:  

    Students can now access Canvas which is the platform where they will have access to all of their classes and assignments.  Students can visit the DVUSD start page, which will give them a menu of many icons and links.  The icon for Canvas is there and is labeled; dvusd.instructure.com  Canvas/DV Online Learning Program.
    Once the student is in Canvas, they will use their same Username and login information to access their dashboard.  Here they will find access to all of their classes.  If there is a problem, please email any of the 7th grade teachers so that we can help! The email links are below.
    All students should be able to complete assignments without help.  If for some reason the student is struggling or in need of tech help, please let the teacher know. This shouldn’t be a burden on the parents. 
    * All students with an I.E.P. or a 504 plan will be receiving accommodations as stated in their plans.  Service Coordinators and Special Education Teachers are available for assistance with office hours on zoom posted below.  
    The 7th Grade Team
    Joni Jacobs  Math

    (623) 445-7825

     email icon


    Cari Jenkins  Language Arts

    (623) 445-7860

     email icon

    Caitlyn Quinn  Social Studies

    (623) 445-7859

    email icon

    Nicholas Sanchez  Science

    (623) 445-7858

    email icon

    Camille ObertGoraslki Art (623) 445-7846  
    Trevor Thirsk Physical Education

    (623) 445-7840

    email icon

    Becca Lucas Physical Education

    (623) 445-7841

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    John Denton Music/Chorus

    (623) 445-7878

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    Caryn Kunz Band

    (623) 445-7877

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    Courtenay Douglas-Salisbury Counselor

    (623) 445-7817

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