• Student Support Services

    Every student is a unique individual and as such may require additional services for them to reach their true potential. The Student Support Services team at Sunset Ridge is second to none in helping all of our students to shine!


    Our Sage classes are a pull out program in grades 3-6 for both Matthmatics and Enlgish Language Arts. 
    Vicki Coiro(623) 445-7857 email icon Website
    Cheryl Woodwell 

    (623) 445-7853

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    Reading Specialists

    Being able to successfully read and have full comprehension of what was read is such a critical skill to master, especially at the younger grades. Our Reading Specialist team works closely with our K-3 students and teachers to make sure that all of our students have a solid reading foundation to make them successful in all areas of learning.
    Susan Cary

    (623) 445-7813

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    Tricia Hauser

    (623) 445-7842

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    Academic Counselor  

    Transitioning into middle school and then into high school is not an easy task so we have an incredible counselor to help our 7th and 8th graders reach maximum academic success.

    Courtnay Douglas-Salisbury      (623) 445-7817


    Student Support Services Department

    At Sunset Ridge we are committed to helping every child including those who might need specific services in order to be successful learners.
    Nichole BartelService Coordinator

    (623) 445-7844

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    Elizabeth GelmstedtService Coordinator

    (623) 445-7897

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    Emily JohnsonService Coordinator

    (623) 445-7875

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    Ryan FerrillService Coordinator

    (623) 445-7853

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    Rick Warden

    Service Coordinator 

    (623) 445-7865email icon
    Dave BerrySpeech Pathologist

    (623) 445-7822

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    Tim HoltPsychologist

    (623) 445-7820

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    Jane RodriguezEnglish Language

    (623) 445-7856

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    To help you better understand required special education procedures, help is just a phone call or mouse click away!

    Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services
    2384 N. Steves Boulevard
    Flagstaff, Az 86004
    Toll Free: 877-230-PINS (7467)
    Parent Training and Information Center
    Disability Empowerment Center
    5025 E. Washington Street, Suite 2-C
    Phoenix, Az 85034
    (602) 242-4366
    Protection and Advocacy Agency
    025 E. Washington Street, Suite 202
    Phoenix, Az 85034
    Tel/TDD (602) 274-6287
    A Statewide Coalition of Parent Groups