• ck Greenbrier - A Friend of Core Knowledge

    Greenbrier Elementary is excited to announce that we are a friend of Core Knowledge School. Core Knowledge Curriculum is a content-rich curriculum built upon the Core Knowledge Sequence. The curriculum focuses on core academics and teaches a wide knowledge base of history, geography, science, art, literature, music, math, and language arts. The Core Knowledge Sequence is a detailed and systematic curriculum that is organized and shared through grade levels, becoming more sophisticated and detailed in the successive years.ck1

    The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts emphasize the critical importance of building background knowledge in a coherent and sequential way within and across grade levels. At Greenbrier, our teachers integrate the Core Knowledge domains (or topics) from social studies and science within the language arts blocks as well as art, music and physical education. These cross-curricular connections give the students many opportunities to read, write, explore and discuss topics in a variety of ways. Domains are repeated throughout the curriculum and build over time. Core Knowledge gives students a common knowledge that can lead to success.

    Below are the domains that are covered at each grade level.

    Download a brochure about Core Knowledge and Greenbrier’s partnership.