• February 25, 2019

    Dear Parents/Guardians of West Wing School,

    The AzMerit exam will be given to ALL students in grades 3-8 during the month of April. This state-wide testing provides several important academic pieces of information for both your child and the school. Before the testing begins, it is important for us to work together to prepare your child for testing.
    Please remember that a good night’s sleep is a critical component and will serve your child well. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and ensuring that your child gets a healthy breakfast is a win-win for your child. If at all possible, please make sure that all medical appointments are avoided for the month of April, unless they are scheduled on a day that your child is not being tested. Please make sure to check with your child’s teacher, before scheduling any off campus medical or dental appointments.
    Supporting your child during these assessments is critical to helping them build their confidence about the tests in which they will be participating. Sometimes, what we say to our children can result in undue stress, please refrain from talking about the AzMerit tests too often at home. Please follow the above tips and make sure to encourage your child by encouraging them to do their very best on the exams.
    West Wing School works diligently to ensure that your child makes progress. It is important for us to work together to establish and maintain a strong relationship between home and school. If you have questions about the AzMerit schedule, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

    When schools and parents work together the outcome for your child is always positive!

    Educationally Yours,

    Dr. Linda Price-Barry


    Dr. Linda Price-Barry West Wing School/Principal