DVUSD Gifted Services


  • Mission

    DVUSD Gifted Service’s mission is to engage students in multiple, ongoing opportunities for meaningful, rigorous academic experiences.


    Gifted Service’s vision is to provide a continuum of gifted services in grades PreK and K-12 that encompass core curriculum while integrating technology, fine arts, civics, and      interpersonal relationships through individualized learning, engaging instruction, and community partnerships to make our students college and career ready.


    Core Values


    • Student Centered
    • Rigorous Academics
    • Quality Resources
    • Welcoming Environment
    • Personal Accountability
    • Open Communication
    • Problem Solving Mindset
    • Emotional Support
    • Relevant and Global Viewpoint
    • Balanced and Flexible Approach
    • Intellectually Stimulating
    • Social Responsibility



    DVUSD Gifted provides enriched academic opportunities for gifted and talented students who demonstrate exceptional capabilities that require services beyond the scope of the regular classroom curriculum.  In Deer Valley, we recognize that giftedness exists across all cultures and socioeconomic levels and must be cultivated in order to grow. 


    Program Goal 

    The goal of DVUSD Gifted Services is to support gifted and talented students in developing their abilities in order to reach their full potential through challenging curriculum and authentic learning activities.


    Continuum of Gifted Services

    In Deer Valley Unified School District, gifted and talented students benefit from a wide range of services to meet their unique academic needs, promote social and emotional well-being, and develop individual interests.  DVUSD provides a continuum of services for gifted students in prekindergarten through grade 12.  Within this continuum, Deer Valley utilizes choice programs and focus schools.  Programs at each school may vary to meet the community’s needs and support unique student populations.  Each school provides a Continuum of Services Plan (CSP) in coordination with the school administrator, site gifted specialist, and the Gifted Services Department.


    Visit our school websites for additional information about gifted services and program updates available.


  • Giftedness

    There are many domains of giftedness. The domains include academic, spatial, the arts, athletics, leadership and creativity. In order to service students demonstrating these traits, a wide spectrum of programs, opportunities, extra curricular activities, and coursework must be available.

    In Arizona

    A student who scores at or above the ninety-seventh percentile, based upon national norms, on a test adopted by the State School Board, on one or more of the following areas: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and/or non-verbal reasoning is considered eligible for gifted services.

    In Deer Valley

    We offer a continuum of gifted education services to students. We place students scoring in the 94th percentile at all of our campuses, with Title 1 schools utilizing local norm placements. The curriculum for gifted students is inclusive of many theories and strategies in order to meet the needs of the diverse learner. Commonalities among all programs and all grade levels include the emphasis of critical thinking strategies, content alignment and depth, research-based practices and materials, differentiated products and assessments, and acceleration of specific content pacing. Programs vary by school site.



  •           Aimee Sulit
              Dr. Aimee Sulit
                Manager, Gifted &
               Advanced Academics
               Ali Murray
                Gifted Program Coach
              Missy Colton
               Gifted Services Clerk

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