• 7th

    Welcome to 7th Grade!
    What Will We Learn This Year?
    Social Studies  
    Unit 1: Pre-Civil War                                              
    Unit 2: Civil War
    Unit 3: Reconstruction                                  
    Unit 4: Immigration/Industrialization               
    Unit 5: Progressivism
    Unit 6: Imperialism
    Unit 7: World War I
    Unit 8: Great Depression
    Unit 9: Beginning of World War II
    Students will be using the backward design district preferred teaching and learning approach where assessments of meaningful learning objectives using critical thinking skills will be the guide to answering essential questions.  The students will also engage in hands-on learning opportunities, where they can learn through historical inquiry, problem-solving, and thorough analysis of primary and secondary sources.


    Students will be working on the following concepts based on the standards from the Arizona Department of Education. 
    Semester 1                              
    Inquiry Process
    Earth’s Geological Components
    -      Rocks/Minerals
    -       Rock cycle
    -      Plate movement
    -      Earthquakes
    Semester 2
    Earth in the Solar System
    -      Phases of the moon
    -      Constellations
    -      Tides
    -      Seasons
    Populations and Ecosystems
    -      Energy transferring through nature
    -      Photosynthesis
    -      Limiting factor
    -      Population changes


    Seventh Grade math standards coincide with our text book chapters and align with our semesters as follows:

     Semester 1

  • Introduction to Algebra and Functions (1)
  • Integers (2)
  • Linear Equations and Functions (3)
  • Fractions Decimal and Percents (4)
  • Applying Fractions (5)
  • Ratios and Proportions (6)
  • Applying Percents (7)

    Semester 2

  • Polygons (10)
  • Two and Three-Dimensional Figures (11)
  • Geometry and Measurement(12)
  • Analyzing Data (8)
  • Probability (9)
  • Language Arts 

    Students will follow the AZCCRS standards.
    The Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
    Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain (Advanced Only)
    Collections Textbook for 7th grade
    Units of Study
    Quarter 1= Narrative Elements and Writing
    Quarter 2= Argumentative/Expository Writing
    Quarter 3= Literary Analysis/Poetry/Explanatory Writing
    Quarter 4= Combination of Quarters 1-3, Novel Study, End of the Year Projects