• Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

    At Barry Goldwater High School we are implementing a school-wide positive behavior
    support system. This system includes a framework of proactive practices for
    communicating, defining, teaching and reinforcing appropriate behaviors. It will allow
    us to provide a positive school environment in which every member feels healthy,
    safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

    What does the positive behavior support system look like at Barry
    Goldwater High School?

    We will be using three consistent school expectations:

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Safe

    We have posted these expectations throughout the campus. Teachers will be using
    lesson plans to review and define these three expectations with our students for all
    areas of the school (cafeteria, common area, classroom, etc.). To reinforce these
    expectations, students will receive individual “i Own It” tickets if they are observed
    exhibiting positive behaviors. These positive behavior tickets will be used for
    drawings throughout the school year in which students can receive prizes. All
    students that earn tickets will be invited to our quarterly campus celebrations.

    Supporting Documents

    Student Reinforcement Matrix

    Expectation Flowchart

    How can you be a partner in this effort?

    We want you to be a partner in helping us make our school a more positive place for
    our children to learn. We ask that you review the campus-wide expectations with your
    child/children and help encourage these behaviors in our community. Additional
    ways to be involved are: using the expectations in your home, reminding your child of
    the expectations before they leave each day, making sure that your child comes to
    school on time every day, as well as asking them if they followed the rules that day
    and if they received any “i Own it” tickets.