• Kids at Hope

    Deer Valley Middle School is a Kids at Hope school. This means that every single teacher, staff member and administrator believes that all children are capable of success. Kids at Hope was created in the 1990s in response to the labeling of youth at risk. Rather than focusing on the negative, we believe that each of our students are filled with treasures and as Treasure Hunters we are committed to discovering them and guiding all toward success.


    We strive to connect with each student as an Ace. An Ace of Club is a caring adult, the Ace of Spade is someone who holds them to high expectations and an Ace of Diamonds provides children with multiple opportunities for success. Parents and guardians also play a major role by being the Ace of Heart, the anchor who is always there.

    Colt Nation

    The ideal that every child is capable of success, no exceptions, governs all that we do at DVMS. We invite the whole community to be an Ace for every child throughout the district. When a child believes that he or she can reach success in the future in the four domains (hobbies, home and family, education and career, community and service), that success can grow in all areas.